About Dave Ingalls



My family and I live in the greater Boston, Massachusetts (USA) area. My wife and I are both natives of this area and have lived here for most of our lives.

I am a Digital Marketing Consultant specializing in Inbound Digital Marketing techniques.

Prior to that I was the Digital Marketing Manager at International Light Technologies, a light source/light measurement device manufacturing company based in Peabody, MA (USA).

I acquired my Digital Marketing experience while working in various marketing positions with several companies over the last 20 years. Positions have included eMarketing Initiatives Director, New Site Launches Director, Marketing Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager and Director of Corporate/Dealer Communications.

During that time, I have done everything from build a company’s first Web site to coordinate the production of a detailed product training video designed to be viewed on the Web.

In these positions, I typically owned the online marketing effort that included creating optimized Web pages for specific keyword search phrases (Search Engine Optimization or SEO), and setting-up and running a Google AdWords paid search program. The AdWords program encompassed several hundred ads and close to a thousand keyword search phrases.

I have also been involved in adding Google Analytics to several company Web sites, and among other uses, integrated Google Analytics with Google AdWords in order to identify poorly performing paid keyword search phrases and re-optimize or eliminate those phrases.

And I thought the best way to share my Digital Marketing experience was to create a free Digital Marketing Tutorial.

Thanks for dropping by my Web site.

Dave Ingalls