eBay AdContext Get Contextual Keywords Ad Network Tool

Posted by Donna Bogatin ZDNet – Digital Micromarkets Blog Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): I’m just learning about this new opportunity for online marketers myself. This overview (including screenshots) of the new eBay AdContext auction contextual advertising product is an interesting twist on existing contextual advertising products like Google’s AdSense. “eBay unveiled this weekend […]

Mastering Google AdWords Marketing: Contextual Advertising – Parts 1 and 2

By Richard Ball Search Engine Guide Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): As Richard points out, you’re really dealing with two VERY different audiences in terms of motivation in the Google Adwords Search and Content ad networks, and the default setting in Adwords when setting up a campaign is to display the same ad on […]

Reciprocal Linking and Text Link Ads

by Dave Ingalls Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog May 31, 2005 Reciprocal Linking has been a particulary important element of Search Engine Optimization since the rise of Google. As you can review on my Linking Strategies Web page, reciprocal linking is a mechanism you can use to create inbound text links pointing to your Web site […]