Customer Reviews Help iPhone Purchase – The REAL Social Media Phenomenon!

Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog Dave Ingalls We’ve all heard the hype about online Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. And much of the hype is true. But if you’re a small/medium sized company selling your products and/or services online, take my advice about online social media, social marketing, social networking – whatever you want to […]

Market Like Apple – 5 Key Secrets

Marketing Apple – 5 Secrets of the World’s Best Marketing Machine Steve Chazin Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): I recently came across this free ebook by Steve Chazin. Steve worked at Apple for a decade at a critical time in Apple’s history. His ebook “spills the beans” on how Apple resurrected itself. These 5 […]

Four Ways to Harness Web 2.0

By Tim Parry Multichannel Merchant Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): With increasing frequency, online retailers are realizing what Amazon realized (and also invented and implemented) a number of years ago – Amazon gave potential Customers the means to view opinions of existing Customers for a specific product, and since these are the “voices” most […]

Consumers Want Your Email

eMarketer Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Quite detailed report with demographics in very interesting age segments (7 segments, 15-17 all the way up to 65+ plus a “Totals” column) and communications types. Worth a look! “Text and instant messaging are fine for friends, but not for marketers. That was the main finding of ExactTarget’s […]

Online Shopping for the Social Networking World

BUY.COM PUTS INTERNET SELLING POWER IN THE HANDS OF CONSUMERS WITH NEW GARAGE SALE™ SERVICE Press Release Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Keep your eyes on this one, boys and girls! The core take-away of this press release is that now Facebook members can sell their stuff to other Facebook members (usually family, […]