Tangential Content Helps Boring Industries Do Well Online

By Dave Ingalls Digital Marketing Consultant “Tangential Content Earns More Links and Social Shares in Boring Industries” Wow! This recent MOZ article subject line jumped out and hit me over the head because I KNOW how hard it is to write compelling content for boring products in boring industries! In my marketing career, I’ve sold […]

Interesting Times on the Google Home Page

By Dave Ingalls Digital Marketing Consultant The Google plain simple white page with a search box in the middle is being joined by some new “friends” on the mobile Google home page. And most experts think that these same additions will show up on the desktop/laptop Google home page sooner rather than later. These changes […]

Digital Marketing Tip – Use Inbound Marketing Techniques

Part of the 999 Digital Marketing Tips Series By Dave Ingalls Digital Marketing Consultant February 14, 2011 Digital Marketing Tip #6: Concentrate your Digital Marketing efforts on INBOUND DIGITAL MARKETING Techniques. As you begin your Digital Marketing adventure, I strongly urge you to focus your Internet Marketing efforts on what has become known as INBOUND […]

Inbound Internet Marketing – How To Allocate Your Time

By Dave Ingalls Digital Marketing Consultant October 20, 2010 Great post by HubSpoter Emily Haahr! You’re a small business owner who loves the concept of Inbound Internet Marketing, but only have a few hours each week to dedicate to it – how should you allocate your time? The answer, in percent of time per Inbound […]