What Site Search Can Tell YOU!

Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog Dave Ingalls Do you have a Site Search function on your Web site? If not, here’s what you’re missing! In addition to publishing this Internet Marketing Course Blog and the accompanying Digital Marketing Tutorial, I oversee several technical products B2B Web sites for my company. Our main Web site highlights our major […]

Become a Trusted Source and Win!

B2B Online Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Paul Gillin, in this video clip that is less than 2 minutes long, gives B2B Internet Marketers GREAT advice for marketing in today’s evolving “Inbound Marketing” online world. Make the commitment to providing the best, most informative and timely content for your area of expertise and you […]

Fake Biotech Firm – Key Marketing Ploy for Crichton Novel

By JEFFREY TRACHTENBERG and BRIAN STEINBERG Wall Street Journal Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Viral video ads on YouTube presumably hyping a new biotech company that sells genes and/or the products of genetic engineering? And not only are the ads fake, but so is the company they purport to advertise?! What a wonderful (and […]