Thinking Outside the Search Box

By Mary Ellen Bates Guest Writer Search Engine Watch Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): What an interesting, informative article on how to get the most out of an informational search on the Web that utilizes ALL of the available information that is typically returned on most SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page). “Sometimes, looking beyond […]

A New Form of Local Search Optimization, Parts 1 and 2

By Justin Sanger Clickz Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Very insightful look into the re-emerging world of local search and what small businesses that depend on local traffic need to do about it – a must read for the small business owner! “Most of us understand local SEO (define) strategies on traditional search engines […]

Finding Powerful Keyword Phrases with Google AdWords Broadmatch

by Shane Pike Three: Twenty Interactive Search Engine Guide Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): This is a great overview of the value of using the default “Broadmatch” keywords setting when first creating a Google Adwords ad, then viewing the results of these searches in the “referring URL” section of your Web site log to […]

Yahoo! Research Labs Releases Yahoo! Mindset (Beta)

Source: Yahoo! Next Web Site June 9, 2005 Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): Sort the first 100 Yahoo! search results for your search term to reflect whether you’re ready to buy now (commercial) or you want to learn more about your search term (research/information-oriented). It’s really a neat new feature! Here’s what Yahoo! has […]

Detecting ‘Click Fraud’ – A Fast-Growing Cottage Industry

Source: Wall Street Journal 9 June 2005 Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): “Click Fraud”?! Just when you were getting ready to dip your toes (and budget) into the world of search engine advertising, you hear the dreaded phrase, “click fraud”. What’s a marketer to do? Here are some words of wisdom from the Wall […]