Digital Marketing Tip – Register in Google Places

Part of the 999 Digital Marketing Tips Series By Dave Ingalls Digital Marketing Consultant December 6, 2010 Digital Marketing Tip #3 – If you are an organization that depends on generating interest/business from your LOCAL MARKET, then you should RUN, not walk to GOOGLE PLACES and claim your location! Don’t know what Google Places is? […]

Video SEO

By Dave Ingalls Digital Marketing Consultant September 1, 2010 Hey gang, check out one of the latest innovations in Search Engine Optimization, VIDEO SEO! I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jay Spencer and Andy Galeshahi, President and Sales and Marketing VP respectively, of SearchPro Systems, an SEO firm with a VERY interesting […]

Jill Whalen’s “SEO Ramblings”

Jill Whalen Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): I subscribe to Jill’s High Rankings Advisor Newsletter, and it’s always a treat to receive the next edition. This past week Jill reiterated some SEO common sense that I think can help ALL of my readers, especially those who are considering hiring an SEO “expert” for […]