Digital Marketing Tip – Install Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview

Part of the 999 Digital Marketing Tips Series By Dave Ingalls Digital Marketing Consultant January 1, 2011 Digital Marketing Tip #5: If you have NOT installed “Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview for Internet Explorer” on your computer, STOP EVERYTHING AND DO IT IMMEDIATELY. Oh Oh! That’s two “Stop Everything and Do It Immediately” Digital Marketing Tips […]

IE6 Problems-How to See Them-How to Fix Them

Internet Marketing Course Blog Dave Ingalls Dave’s Comments (Digital Marketing Tutorial Blog): This IMC Blog entry is a bit different. I’m going to help readers who use Joomla and/or WordPress find out if they’ve got any Internet Explorer 6.0 (“IE6”) display issues with either their Joomla Web site templates and/or WordPress blogging themes. If they […]