Video SEO

By Dave Ingalls
Digital Marketing Consultant
September 1, 2010

Hey gang, check out one of the latest innovations in Search Engine Optimization, VIDEO SEO!

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jay Spencer and Andy Galeshahi, President and Sales and Marketing VP respectively, of SearchPro Systems, an SEO firm with a VERY interesting twist on SEO.

Jay and Andy started SearchPro Systems, located in the greater Boston, MA (USA) area, for the specific purpose of making VIDEO SEO the centerpiece of their SEO practice. SearchPro Systems offers a full array of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services, but VIDEO SEO is almost always at the heart of their overall SEO strategy.

What the heck is VIDEO SEO? It’s basically the optimization of video content to be found and highly ranked in Google and other search engines for particular search phrases. But it’s a lot more complicated than that to do it right!

Why bother creating video content and then optimizing it for search engines? With the advent of Google’s Universal Search strategy, VIDEO SEO has become one of the hottest SEO activities! How hot? Check out this brief video where Andy discusses the effects of Universal Search and VIDEO SEO on Google search engine results with none other than Bruce Clay, considered by many to be the Father of SEO:

Bruce’s read on Google Universal Search and VIDEO SEO is simple and straightforward: “companies either need to embrace both or perish!”

While their requirement that ALL videos be produced by SearchPro is a key component of their success, what I liked MOST about the way Jay and Andy have approached VIDEO SEO is the focus of these videos – every video they showed me was basically a 2-4 minute informational/educational video about a product or service that their client wanted to be found for in Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Brilliant!

You can check out SearchPro Systems and VIDEO SEO at