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Additional Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Need a Part-Time Webmaster and Digital Marketer with 21st Century Skills?

Your organization probably built and launched its first Web site several years ago, back when most sites were little more than online brochures with no capacity for you to interact with your visitors. And even though the site has become more and more useful to a number of departments in your organization, it’s probably hosted remotely and therefore you cannot justify a full-time, in-house staff person to oversee its operation and continual updating.

So how can you get your Web site updated, keep it current and add new interactive features to it without hiring a full-time Web Site Manager or Webmaster? Hire me to do it for you on a part-time basis.

Contact me today to discuss your Digital Marketing/Web Site Management needs in more detail! And if requested, I’ll also provide a FREE review of your existing Web Site.

Additional Digital Marketing services I can perform for your organization include:

Web Site Marketing and Management – content creation/management, Web site metrics/analytics and Web site design, re-design (all described in more detail on the Inbound Digital Marketing page).

Database Driven, Dynamic Web Sites – is your site taking advantage of the latest Web design technologies? In this scenario, using programs like Adobe Dreamweaver, or open-source Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, or a Website Builder applications like Weebly, Web sites can be built that completely separate Web page content from Web page design. And page content can be updated by someone with little or no knowledge of the HTML mark-up language via a user name/password protected Web browser connection.

Site Search – did you know that you can add search functionality to your site for a very reasonable price? That’s right – I can add a full featured Search function specific to your site that includes regularly scheduled index updates and a search “results” page whose appearance mimics the rest of your existing site–in less than a day. All it will cost is my hourly fee and a small monthly fee for the Search function.

Email Newsletters – create and oversee the emailing of regularly scheduled email newsletters (HTML and text formats) to in-house Customer/Prospect lists; assist in the analysis of email newsletter results (number of newsletters opened, by whom, links clicked on and by whom)

Email Marketing – research and purchase third party opt-in mailing lists; compose the email and create the “landing” page on the Web site; test the email, oversee the mass emailing process, and report results in both real time and final analysis reports

And many others too numerous to list here.

Contact me today to discuss your Digital Marketing/Web Site Management needs in more detail! And if requested, I’ll also provide a FREE review of your existing Web Site.

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