Marketing Webmaster

“Marketing Webmaster”
– The Perfect Combination!

Do you own a business that has a Web site that never seems to get enough attention?

Ever wish you could “farm out” BOTH the Webmastering (site, content management) AND Online Marketing Communications to ONE person?

Want to work with someone who can seamlessly integrate ALL of your online activities, and do it in YOUR time frame, not someone else’s?

If the answer to these questions is “YES!”, then we should talk! My name is Dave Ingalls and I’ve been performing Marketing Webmaster duties for over 20 YEARS!

Typical Marketing Webmaster contract business relationships include the following part-time arrangements: one half-day (4 hours) per week or every 2 weeks; one half-day or one full day (8 hours) per month.

This service is provided on both a scheduled (ex. 2nd Tuesday of every month) AND an “on demand” basis in as little as 2 hour increments. This means that a Web-related activity can get done IMMEDIATELY in YOUR time frame.

Contact me today to request detailed “Marketing Webmaster” rate information. And if requested, I’ll also provide a FREE review of your existing Web Site.

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