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My name is Dave Ingalls. I created this FREE Digital Marketing Tutorial for Beginners to help Web entrepreneurs get the most out of their Digital Marketing efforts.

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This free Digital Marketing Tutorial for Beginners will help you understand the basic concepts of Digital/Online Marketing. You’ll learn how each of these major Digital Marketing components can help you attract additional Web site visitors and keep them coming back for more, as well as how to implement them in a very cost-effective manner.

What is “Digital Marketing”?

Webopedia, defines Digital (“Internet”) Marketing, or Online Marketing, as “advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and e-mail to drive direct sales via e-commerce as well as sales leads from Web sites or emails”. And what that typically means in real terms to most Web entrepreneurs is, “How do I attract more first time visitors to MY Web site who need my product or service, or will support my cause?”

Inform, Educate and Help

So what should YOU do to attract that type of first time visitor to YOUR Web site? If you take only one concept away from your visit to this Digital Marketing Tutorial, make it this one:

Digital Marketing is all about INFORMING, EDUCATING and HELPING your Web site visitors find solutions to their problems or needs. Do NOT try to sell them anything initially – instead provide them with the best solutions to those problems and/or the best ways to meet those needs.

This concept is known as Inbound Marketing. And inbound marketing is all about creating RELEVANT CONTENT for YOUR Web site, blog, Facebook page, Twitter “tweets”, YouTube videos, etc. that INFORMS, EDUCATES and HELPS, and is targeted at YOUR best potential customers. (To learn more about Inbound Marketing, visit HubSpot, especially their Inbound Marketing for Small Businesses section.)

Why take the “Inform, Educate, Help” route? Think about why those folks are using a search engine like Google in the first place – it’s typically to INFORM and EDUCATE themselves about a product, service or cause that could solve a problem or meet a need. If you are the one doing the best job at providing that information and education, those first time visitors will end up on YOUR Web site and turn into YOUR best potential customers!

Inform and educate, inform and educate, inform and educate…

Now, let’s begin this free online Digital Marketing Tutorial for Beginners.  One of the major components of Digital Marketing is Search Engine Marketing (SEM), a multi-faceted Digital Marketing topic in and of itself. So let’s start this Digital Marketing Tutorial there:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Thanks for dropping by my free online Digital Marketing Tutorial for Beginners,

Dave Ingalls