Video SEO

By Dave Ingalls B2B Internet Marketing Consultant September 1, 2010 Hey gang, check out one of the latest innovations in Search Engine Optimization, VIDEO SEO! I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jay Spencer and Andy Galeshahi, President and Sales and Marketing VP respectively, of SearchPro Systems, an SEO firm with a VERY […]

Obama's Social Media Success

By Christina Mejia December 20, 2008 Dave’s Comments (Internet Marketing Course Blog): A great post by this Chief Marketer analyst on how Obama won the “Internet election campaign” by taking Web 2.0 tactics to the extreme. My personal experience with the Obama campaign’s 21st century tactics was wireless phone-based. I signed up to receive […]

Web Marketing's Next Phase – Inbound Marketing

by Rick Burnes Hubspot’s Inbound Internet Marketing Blog November 18, 2008 Dave’s Comments (Internet Marketing Course Blog): What an insightful and helpful article! Rick Burnes does a masterful job of integrating the next round of Internet Marketing initiatives and showing how they can form the basis of a comprehensive online “Inbound Marketing” strategy. The comparison […]

Viral Video a Big Winner at Blendtec

by Bernie Borges November 13, 2008 Dave’s Comments (Internet Marketing Course Blog): I had heard bits and pieces (pardon the pun!) about these viral videos from Blendtec, but had never heard the entire story. Well, here it is, including an iPhone “blending” demonstration! “Yesterday’s keynote at Pubcon was George Wright, the Marketing Director at […]

Larry Weber on the Future of Marketing and Branding

Karen Rubin and Rick Burnes HubSpot’s Inbound Internet Marketing Blog October 31, 2008 Dave’s Comments (Internet Marketing Course Blog): Why did HubSpot want to interview Larry Weber about the future of marketing and branding? Because Larry, as it says on the Digital Influence Group Web site, “is a globally known expert in public relations and […]