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My name is Dave Ingalls. I am a Digital Marketing Consultant in the Greater Boston area with over 20 YEARS of Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Communications experience acquired in marketing, product and sales management positions.

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I help companies “get found” more readily and interact more effectively with their target audiences on the Internet/Web. How?

By transforming a company’s online presence from one ineffective Web site to a true online community that will attract long-term “residents” from that company’s most important target audiences – prospects, investors, industry press – even a competitor’s best customers!

Here’s a link to the Digital Marketing Consulting Services I can provide to your organization on a part-time, long-term, contract basis.

FREE Digital Marketing Tutorial and Blog

Alternatively, if you want/need to perform your own Digital Marketing (examples might include Graphic Designers producing Web sites, Marketing Managers at very small businesses or start-ups, etc.), here are several free resources on this site that can help you do just that:

  • A free online DIGITAL MARKETING TUTORIAL covering the following topics: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) including search engine optimization (SEO), link building campaigns, search engine advertising as well as search engine trends; blogs and blogging; social media marketing (social networking, customer reviews, etc.); Web analytics; site search; viral marketing; email newsletters; affiliate marketing programs; and offline marketing programs that support online efforts.
  • DIGITAL MARKETING TUTORIAL BLOG that complements the Internet Marketing Course content with timely updates on the subjects covered in the course.

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Personal Info

A bit about about my family and me, and my “community”.